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Suggested Retail price of the Log Hauler is $1,195.00
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 Adjustable drawbar log hauler

Pup hooked to logCustom size and color painted pup with wider wheel base and higher clearance

Adjustable drawbar

Close up of pup chained to the logLog is ready to be moved out of the woodsLog Hauler with pupLog Hauler with pupLog hualer with pup

ATV Log Hauler pictures. Click to enlarge.

Berg Equipment was founded in 1919 and is using it's expertise in building high quality and long lasting products to design and manufacture a functional ATV Log Hauler.  This sturdy and easy to use Log Hauler will get your choice logs out of the woods without dragging them through dirt and over rocks. The sawmill will cherish clean dirt free saw logs to process, saving wear and tear on their equipment.

Protect your wood lot from heavy equipment damage. You can harvest select trees from delicate areas of your wood lot using an ATV. The soft foot print of the ATV and Log Hauler minimizes soil compaction and root damage to undergrowth. The width is narrower than standard logging equipment reducing damage to area trees and allowing for narrower logging roads. Can access most hiking trails to remove hazardous windfalls without damage to the trail.

We have field tested our Log Hauler using four and six wheel style ATVs. The Log Hauler is easy to transport and store. For convenience and safety there are several  chain locks welded on to the frame. The log lifting winch is a heavy duty worm gear drive horizontally mounted for easy accessibility from either side. The worm drive allows for total load control during raising and lowering of the log.

Key Benefits

  • Ball Hitch mount to any vehicle.
  • Manual operated winches (4,000 pound capacity). Worm gear winch standard. Brake winch is optional.
  • Low center of gravity.
  • Heavy duty construction designed to handle extra large logs.
  • Storage bins on frame gussets.
  • Can be wired for road legal signal lights.
  • Heavy Duty axles and wheel hubs. Withstand abuse and collisions with obstructions in the woods.


Log Hauler #1    Log Pole Trailer #2
127" Total Length 96"
118" Length from ball to axle center 83"
62" Height to top of winch 57"
58" Total width 58"
39" Ground clearance to beam 38"
36" Clearance between axle frames 36"
15" Tire/rim size 15"
250 pound Weight 210 pound
2" x 4" 10 gauge Frame 2" x 2" 10 gauge

For Pricing Call Toll Free 1-800-494-1738

**  If you have special needs we can manufacture a custom Log hauler to your requested dimensions. Some have requested a higher and wider stance (used for wider wheel based ATVs or small tractors).

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