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Barn Cleaners & Chutes

Barn Cleaners

Five-tooth Reversible Steel Sprocket

Shear Pin Protection

2-point Shaft Supports w/Self-Aligning 

Spring Loaded Chain Tightening Adjustable
    Sliding Unit

Available in three Drive Unit sizes. Models 600 & 400 shown below, gear box drive designed for continuous run is not shown.









Berg has the answer to your manure handling problems and your special needs and wants!  
 Your size barn, method of field spreading and work load are all factors in getting the right barn cleaner setup for your farm.  The various barn cleaner options and manure handling methods are tested and proven in a great variety of dairy and livestock operations.  Your BERG dealer has access to the full facilities and expert staff of the BERG company should this be necessary. 

Barn Cleaner Chutes

   Berg Barn Cleaning Systems have the flexibility to fit your barn layout and  those special manure handling problems that vary from farm to farm.


**The Standard Chute fits many situations where the barn cleaner installation calls for side-by-side loaded and empty chutes.

The Split Chute guides the return chain in a straight path back to the cutter.  Eliminates a corner wheel and the reverse curve, reducing wear, stress and power requirements.

Barn Cleaner Paddles & Accessories





5-Tooth Steel Sprockets
distributes the force of pull over three or more teeth rather than just one.  Berg offers an oversized sprocket to accommodate worn chain, adding years of life to your chain.  (Sprockets are also reversible)
E-Z Recessed Corner Wheels offer smooth, easy operation
for years.  The box is easy to
install. Complete line of options
& accessories available for
BERG and most other brands.
BERG links are the only ones made in America by the original manufacturer. We have ample supply of all barn cleaner parts for immediate delivery.

.  Standard Welded      Optional 3" Flite       Optional Tapered Flite 
       Steel Flite

  **Standard Flite - 2"x2" welded directly to a single link of Berg's Gutter Chain.  No bolts to work loose or break.  Extra heavy shoes carry the weight of the chain.

  **3" Flite - stands 3" above the base of the chute for greater load capacity, less rollback and better performance. (use for conventional Berg systems.)

  **Optional Tapered Flite - is specially designed to move liquids.  Up to 4" height on outside prevents spillover, assures cleaner operation.  Lower height on  inside minimizes weight for easier operation.  Ideal replacement chain! 



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